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Ambrettolide Natural


Ambrettolide Natural – PURE

Other Names: iso-Ambrettolide : omega-Hexadec-7-enolide : 6-Hexadecanolide Cyclohexadecan-7-olide : Hexadec-7-en-16-lactone : Moskus Lakton : Oxacycloheptadec-10-en-2-one (CAS 28645-51-4) Moskus lakton : 16-Hydroxy-delta 7-hexadecenoic acid, lactone : Cyclohexadecen-7-olide ; Lanbrettolide ; Scentolide

Odor Description: Natural-musk ambrette-seed rich and extremely tenacious floral-musky sweet odour. Helps soften alcohol odour leaving a faint floral-musky sweet and pleasant odor.

Use Level: 0.010% to 5%

Volatility: Base Note