Fragrance Development Services

We create and develop unique fragrances that will bring your brand, product or space to life.

You’ll work directly with our perfumer, Bernadette, who will create and adjust your brand’s fragrance to match your vision. As an experienced Perfumer & Fragrance Specialist in the Philippine fragrance industry since 2007, Bernadette can help guide you in various areas of fragrance development, from developing briefs, establishing the right odor profiles to fit seamlessly into your brand & project and creating bespoke scents, whether you need a fragrance for a special event, an entire new line of products or a new retail store, hotel or even office space.

Some of the products that we create fragrances for include:

Fine Fragrances


Eau de Parfum

Eau de Toilette


Body Splash / Mist

Personal Care Products

Shampoo & Conditioner


Bath Gel

Body Lotion

Household Products

Room, Linen & Pillow Sprays

Reed Diffusers


Detergents & Cleaners

Fabric Softeners

The Process

We manage the fragrance development process right from the briefing stage to evaluating submissions and guiding towards a finalized formulation. These fragrances are worked over the course of a few months and aren’t created within a workshop format but we include our clients into the process as much as possible – it is, after all, a fragrance custom made for you and your brand.

This includes:

  • Discussing and refining your fragrance concept
  • In-depth research about your requirements
  • Creation of Fragrance Brief
  • Presentation of suggested materials and its benefits / effects (especially for natural formulations)
  • Bespoke fragrance development
  • Feedback to perfumer of changes to make to the fragrance
  • Fragrance range evaluation / olfactive mapping for future product developments
  • Technical and regulatory documents for your bespoke fragrance.

The fragrance developed exclusively for brands and businesses are private labels and not attached to the BC Fragrance brand when a Non-Disclosure Agreement in present.

This is a fragrance development service which means we don’t get involved in any design work such as packaging and branding and will only work with you on the fragrance itself. We can, however, suggest designers you can approach depending on your design concept. We also have access to trusted and experienced personal care / household products manufacturers to produce your finished products for you, should you require their services. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) vary depending on the manufacturer.

What to expect in Consultation sessions:

Prior to your consultation date, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire regarding your project.

You are REQUIRED to send your answers to this questionnaire 7 days prior to your meeting date. During your consultation session, our perfumer will give an assessment and present a thorough brief for the new development including:

  • Brand and project background
  • Creative direction
  • Storytelling where relevant
  • Suggested materials and its benefits / effects (especially for natural formulations)
  • Limitations or expectations of fragrance compound
  • Target cost
  • Visual direction to match the fragrance