Scentscaping / Scent Marketing & Branding

The sense of smell is the most powerful and most underrated sense. So powerful, in fact, that the sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than our other senses (we can detect more than 350,000 chemicals) and that 75% of human emotions are generated by the sense of smell.

The human sense of smell plays a very important role in memory because of scent receptors in the nose directly connected to the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotions. When we smell a new odor, we automatically link an emotion to it. The unbreakable link between scent and emotion enable us to understand, create and comprehend our world. It also enables us to recall smells with much accuracy compared to visual cues.

Creating a signature scent that conveys the brand’s values and essence establishes an unconscious and unforgettable connection that traditional media cannot do. After all, in a competitive business environment where brands have an increasingly difficult time differentiating themselves, scents play a vital part of brand communication to attract consumers, generate more revenue, improve customer satisfaction, enhance the perception & recall of the brand and deepen brand loyalty.

The Process

The creative process designed and directed by our perfumer, Bernadette Lim, involves a meticulous study of a brand including its’ history, imagery, colors, target market, space, design and elements of the sites to be scented. Once immersed, she will translate your brand’s essence into a unique scent identity that enriches your customer’s brand experience, whether it be a temporary or permanent physical space, event or product (candles, sprays, etc).

Co-founder, Bernadette Lim, is the nose behind the scent identities and implementation of scentscaping / scent marketing solutions for numerous retail stores, hotels, condominiums, malls, and other notable properties in the Philippines.

The Scents & Professional Solutions for Olfactory Branding

BC Fragrance can provide end-to-end delivery of manual scentscaping / scent marketing solutions and automated diffusion systems for spaces as small as 10 sqm to ballrooms and event halls 500sqm for locations within the Philippines. Fragrance oils, room sprays, linen sprays and candles for housekeeping use are likewise available.

With over 700 fragrances currently in our inventory and access to a fragrance library of over 10,000 materials & fragrance references, you are sure to have a signature scent that can considerably distinguish itself apart from common fragrances.

All fragrances made by BC Fragrance use materials exclusively from France and provided with safety sheets (MSDS and IFRA Certificates).

Set an appointment to consult with our perfumer!

All initial meetings / consultations are done via web calls at the moment.
Ocular inspections will be scheduled AFTER the initial web meeting.

What to expect in Consultation sessions:

Prior to your consultation date, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire regarding your project.

You are REQUIRED to send your answers to this questionnaire 7 days prior to your meeting date. During your consultation session, our perfumer will give an assessment and present a thorough brief for the new development including:

  • Brand and project background
  • Creative direction
  • Storytelling where relevant
  • Suggested materials and its benefits / effects (especially for natural formulations)
  • Limitations or expectations of fragrance compound
  • Target cost
  • Visual direction to match the fragrance