We have rigorously tested our fragrance oils for suitability in candle making. Fragrances listed on this page have been tested at 10% in Soy Wax and Soy / Palm Wax Blends at a Melt Temperature of 180F, Fragrance Added at 160F, poured in vessel at 140F.

We highly suggest testing small quantities in your own wax and using your pouring techniques prior to purchasing in bigger bottles. 1ml sampler vials for smelling and 30ml bottles are available for purchase.

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Brazilian Carnivale

 133.25 2,948.40

Brazilian Carnivale – Fruity | Pineapple | Papaya | Cane Sugar


Phthalate Free Fragrance 

Best used in:

  • Soaps, liquid hand wash / shower gel, hair care and other personal & skin care products
  • Home fragrances
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Caffeccino – Gourmand|Caramel| Coffee| Patchouli