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“The best investment before starting my own fragrance business!”

– Participant from September 9, 2017 Class


“The Business Course / Mentorship Program was really comprehensive and helpful.
It covered all the important information and aspects of the business that I didn’t know I need to think about before starting my candle business!”

– Participant from August 2020 ScentrePinoy Mentorship Program

About Bernadette

Bernadette is a Fragrance Specialist certified by The Fragrance Foundation in New York City.

She has likewise undergone perfumery training under several institutions in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as under British perfumer, Stephen Dowthwaite.

She has worked with various clients in the perfumery business, personal care, retail and hotel / hospitality industry in the Philippines.

She was also the youngest Board Member of the Chamber of Cosmetics Industries of the Philippines from 2013 to 2015.

What courses should I take if I want to start my own perfume / home fragrance business?

If you’d like to learn ASAP and at your own pace – best to take both Fragrance101 Online Course and the ScentrePinoy Business Course.

The Fragrance101 Online Course is a basic 5-Chapter online course that teaches basic terms and formulations for fine fragrances and room sprays. Contains 5 to 6 hours of learning with videos over 3 hours. Fragrance101 Kit is likewise optional at an additional fee of Php2,750.

This Scentrepinoy® Business Online Course is an intensive and do-it-yourself 4-week online course to help you PLAN, BUILD, AND GROW A SUCCESSFUL FRAGRANCE, HOME SCENTS AND CANDLE BUSINESS!
The course is divided into 12 sections released in a timely manner across 4 weeks to give you time to digest, reflect and plan.

Also included in the course: 

  • Downloadable manual / workbook
  • More than 6 different business templates for your business (Product Development, Investment Checklist, Product Costing Template, Proper Product Testing Guides, and more!)
  • More than 15 hours of recorded lectures
  • Fragrance101 : Basic Scent Blending Session (worth Php3,599)
  • 90-minute One-on-One Consultation with Bernadette Lim (worth Php4,500)
  • Access to the private Facebook group exclusively for students


If you’d like to learn in-depth through LIVE Online Classes, best to take the 8-session Artisan Perfumery Course AND the Scentrepinoy® Mentorship Program

The Artisan Perfumery Course is an 8-session program focused on the basics of perfumery, identification of categories, blending and overall fragrance creation as a craft. You will receive an Artisan Perfumery Kit which includes fragrance making materials for you to create your own blends and perfume / cologne, and reed diffuser.

This Scentrepinoy® Mentorship Program is an 8-session business plan building online course with our owner and perfumer, Bernadette.
You will also have a downloadable manual / workbook, access to the Fragrance101 online blending session and one 90-minute mentorship session (worth Php4,500).
Our goal is that at the end of this course, you’ll be able to have a clearer picture of what kind of business you will setup including your branding, product mix, pricing and marketing strategies.

By taking both courses, you’ll have a better grasp of the creative and business sides of Perfumery and help you build your dream business, set it up the right way and help you realize the dream life you’ve always imagined!

What kind of skill level do I need to join a class?


Whether you’re attending out of curiosity or want to further your knowledge on fragrances, you are more than welcome to join!

Our class is designed to accommodate individuals from varied backgrounds and knowledge levels and we start our instruction from the basic information going to more advanced topics so we can accommodate beginners and those who already have experience in fragrances and essential oils or in business.

How much does it cost to attend a workshop and how do I pay?

Investments for each class vary. Please view individual pages for your reference.

We require FULL payment of the workshop to assure your slot.

Where do you conduct webinars and live classes?

Online courses are done through a separate platform.

Webinars are done through Zoom.

Live classes are done at Scent Studio, except when otherwise indicated.

Only paid participants will be sent details of the all courses.

Refund & Cancellations

For LIVE Workshops:

Full payment is required to reserve a slot.

If you pay the class fee in advance and cancel 5 or more days before class,
you may transfer the full amount of your payment towards a future class.

If you cancel less than 5 days before class, you forfeit the full amount paid.

You may send someone in your place or you can opt to receive materials via mail (you will shoulder the shipping fee).



Once you have accessed the course and webinar,
REFUNDS will no longer be allowed.

Can you accommodate pregnant women?

We highly discourage women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant from using fragrance oils.

We smell potent materials that may cause nausea and premature contractions.

We likewise suggest consulting your doctor prior to attending live classes.

You will be asked to sign a waiver prior to class.

Can we invite you to hold a private class?

Of course! Let us know the details.

Topics Covered by the Class

Varies depending on the class

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