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Caffeccino – Gourmand|Caramel| Coffee| Patchouli

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Candied Cinnamon

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Candied Cinnamon – Spicy|Cinnamon| Leather| Patchouli

Cardamom & Lemon

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Cardamom & Lemon – Woody | Cardamom | Lemon | Woodsy Notes


Phthalate Free Fragrance 

Best used in:

  • Soaps, liquid hand wash / shower gel, hair care and other personal & skin care products
  • Home fragrances


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Cascade – Woody|Fruity Notes| Pop Corn| Patchouli

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Cashmere & Pearls

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Cashmere & Pearls – Fresh|Patchouli| Peach| Coriander

Castor Oil

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Botanical Name: Ricinus Communis
Origin: Africa
Process: Cold-pressed

Recommended Use: Face, Skin, Hair, Nails, Hands & Feet. Physical Properties: Pale Yellow color Good for both dry and oily skin. Use day or night.


  • Relieves arthritic joints, sore muscles and nerve inflammations
  • Treat skin problems such as sunburns, acne, boils, warts, athletes foot, chronic itching and inflamed skin.
  • Natural treatment for wrinkles by making skin smoother and stimulating collagen and elastin.