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230ml Clear Glass Jar

 38.00 2,520.00

Clear glass jar for candle making. Rounded bottom edges for a more pleasant aesthetic compared to usual candle jars.

Food safe and can be reused as a drinking vessel after thorough cleaning and sanitizing.



Capacity: 230ml

Height: 8.2cm

Diameter: 7.6cm


Available in single units or box of 12pcs. LIMITED STOCKS ONLY.

Made in Thailand


270ml Matte Candle Jar with Lid & Box

 180.00  150.00

Contemporary and economical, this bundle comes with a Cylindrical Vessel with a matching lid.

This glass utilises a hand mould production process rather than blown or machine automation – this ensures our Glass Range are stronger, safer and have greater heat resistance than others on the market.

*Please note, this box is not suitable as product packaging.



External Vessel Dimensions (with lid): 79mmØ x 100mmH
External Vessel Dimensions (no lid): 79mmØ x 96mmH
Internal Vessel Dimensions: 75mmØ x 85mmH
Vessel Capacity: 270ml
Vessel Weight: 230g
Suitable Lid: Matching Semi-Gloss White / Black lid included. (Colors cannot be interchanged)


Available in single units or box of 30pcs. 

Please note, product photo may differ from actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing.

Made in Australia.

70% Ethyl Solution

 165.00 545.00

70% Ethyl Alcohol from Sugarcane With Glycerin (Moisturizer). Ready to use liquid handrub / sanitizer.



The Office of the Vice President (OVP) needs at least 250 gallons of Alcohol weekly for our frontliners! If you’d like to make a purchase for the OVP, just add a note when you checkout that you’d like to donate your purchase!

Thank you for your generosity!


95% Ethyl Alcohol (Deodorised Perfume Base)

 180.00 3,200.00

With the rise of alcohol tainted with high levels of methanol, we have taken an extra step in ensuring the alcohol you purchase from us is safe to use in cosmetic applications.

Methanol is extremely toxic to humans if ingested, if vapors are inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.

Current batch tested via Gas Chromatography:
Batch# 20201104
Ethanol, % (v/v) : 96%
Methanol, (ppm) : Less than 100

Only purchase alcohol that is not tainted with high levels of methanol.

Triple-distilled / very faint odor

For Making Perfumes and other Fine Fragrance Products



99% Isopropyl Alcohol

 180.00 3,200.00

99% Isopropyl Alcohol Concentration ideal for antiseptic, disinfectant and cleaning purposes.

To dilute and make your own 70% solution, download the Formulation Guide here.

For soap makers, you can also use the 70% Solution to remove bubbles for melt and pour processed soaps.

Sold Out

Aire Florale

 143.41 3,447.05

Aire Florale – Floral|Rose| Raspberry| Magnolia