Aldehyde C-14 PEACH( For Pre-order)


Aldehyde C-14 is a fruity dairy.

The odour and uses of Aldehyde C-14
Odour –  fruity peach creamy fatty lactonic apricot ketonic coconut: Fruity Fruity sweet, fruity, peach-like Musty, Fatty, Creamy, Sweet, Peach Fruity, fragrant, musty, earthy, peach Fruity apricot characteristic peach-like strong peach-like : musty; peach; sweet; earthy strong, fruity like peach and apricot Flavor: apricot, coconut, lactonic, aldehydic, fruity, peach

Useful in: dairy, fruity red, fruity yellow, fruity tropical, fruity others. Strong, fruity like peach and apricot acacia cassie farnesiana aldehydic apple apple green apple red apricot arpege blue grass blue mist bluebell blueberry bouquet bubble gum butterscotch cabochard calyx cedar chamade cherry cherry blossom chloe citrus coconut coconut tropical cream cucumber currant date diorella femme fetes fig floral fracas fruit fruit juicy fruit gardenia gooseberry grape green habuba herbal hibiscus jasmin joy kiwi leather russian lilac lilas syringa lily linden blossom limeflower tilleul lotus magnolia mango maple meadow country melon watermelon

Perfumery Applications

Typical usage in perfume compounds

From .100 – 10%


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Base Note

Powerful peach note.

CAS # 104-67-6
FEMA # 3091

Can use up to 90 ppm in the flavor.
Can use up to 10% of total fragrance concentrate.
Up to 90.0000 ppm in the flavor.

Taste description:
at 30.00 ppm. Fatty, coconut, creamy, vanilla, nutty, macadamia and peach.
Mosciano, Gerard P&F 23, No. 2, 43, (1998)
For flavors, try using this material diluted to 1%

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