Natural Soy Wax


100% soy wax used for premium container candles with exceptional scent throw and has a soft creamy white appearance.

  • A plant-based (vegan) wax whilst having the ability to throw its aroma when burning.
  • Significantly cleaner burning than traditional waxes, burns slower and lasts longer than paraffin.
  • Superior glass adhesion and better colour vibrancy when compared to other natural waxes.
  • Available in 1kg and 25kg bag.


  • Wax is packaged in flake form but may form slightly melted solid chunks due to exposure to heat during shipping.
  • Please create test batches prior to ordering bigger quantities to ensure compatibility with your oils, wicks and jars.



Appearance Solid, white to slightly yellow wax flakes.
Odour From neutral to slightly fatty-like
Fragrance 6% to 10% but we’ve tested up to 12% without any problems
Melt Point 55-90° C (131-194° F)
Wax Type Natural Soy Wax Flakes
Pour temp 50-70° C (122-158° F)
Applications Container / Blending
Origin China
  • This wax should be heated to a temperature between 55 – 90°C maximum.
  • If wax is melted at high temperatures over long periods it may discolour.
  • Additives, fragrance and dye can be added once the wax is completely liquid.
  • Fragrances are usually added at 6% to 8%. We’ve tried it with 12% just to see if it would produce wet spots and it was still able to hold the fragrance with good cold and hot throw.
  • Pouring should take place between 50-70°C and curing should be at least 12 hours before the candle is burned.
  • Works well with HTP wicks.


Comparison to Golden Brands 464

  • You’ll need to re-test your wicks and make sure they burn well in your jars (In our experience, you usually need a thicker wick for this wax for some jars but for others, no need to change). Make the candles like you normally do, and if the wick seems off, then wick up or down a size.
  • This wax’s cold and hot throw are better. You will probably be able to add more FO % with 464. If it’s too weak, look at adding more FO%
  • Pour temperatures may vary.  If it frosts, then go for a different pour temperature.

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 bag (25kg), 1kg


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