Dihydromyrcenol – PURE

Other Names:2,6-Dimethyl-7-octenol-2 : 7-Octen-2-ol,2,6-dimethyl- : Dihydro myrcenol 3-Methylene-7-methyloctanol-7 : Dihydro myrcenol

Odor Description: fresh cool metallic lime citrus floral bergamot notes almost ubiquitous in all modern mens fragrances, rosy zesty fresh flowers.

Use Level: 0.100% to 8%

Volatility: Heart Note


Uses in perfumery: Used in zesty and fougere accords, and to give fresh nuance to fruity notes. When added to a feminine style fragrance helps give it a unisex non-binary character. Powerful fresh lime-like overall citrusy floral and sweet odor with little or no terpenic undertones. Blends well with citruses. More zesty compare to Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinol and Demerol. Rem

Natural availability: Poor presence in nature. Synthetic version used in perfumery.

Chemical Properties:
Boiling Point:   196 °C
Appearance:  Colorless liquid

CAS #: 18479-58-8


IFRA Restrictions: This ingredient is not restricted


Good performance in:

  • Anti-perspirant / Deodorant
  • Alcoholic Perfumes
  • Creams and Lotions
  • Talcum Powder
  • Lipsticks
  • Fabric Softener
  • Detergent Powder
  • Candles / Potpourri / Incense
  • Tablet Soap
  • Liquid Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Condition
  • Bath / Shower Gel
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Chlorine
  • Ammonia

Poor performance in:

  • Cold Wave products
  • Acid Cleaners

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