Quarternary ammonium compound (Benzalkonium Chloride – 80% Actives)

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Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 80%

    • Active Substance: 80%
    • One liter of this solution can make 4 liters of 20% solution or 80 liters of 1% solution.
    • Applications: Toilet & hygienic cleaning, Hard surface cleaning, Industrial cleaners, Dairy & Food cleaning
    • For Professional Use Only



Benzalkonium is a quaternary ammonium compound used as a biocide, a cationic surfactant, and as a phase transfer agent. Benzalkonium is more commonly contained in consumer products in its salt form, benzalkonium chloride. This salt is used in a great variety of international pharmaceutical products as an excipient ingredient serving as an antimicrobial preservative. When used as an ingredient in antiseptic and disinfectant products however, it is an active antimicrobial agent.

  • Product Name: Dodigen 2808
  • Manufactured by Clariant
  • Quarternary ammonium compound for the manufacture of disinfectants
  • CAS No. 68424-85-1



  • For liquid disinfectant cleaners – Use 1 to 20% with nonionic surfactant, small amounts of alkalis, fragrance, complexing agents, water
  • For powder disinfectant cleaners – Use 5 to 10% with surfactant, water, sodium tripolyphophate or sodium pyrophosphate
  • For paste – Use 5 to 10% with surfactant, other additives, water.


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20 Liter Carbuoy, 1 Gallon (3700ml), 1 liter (33.31oz), 500 ml


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