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Ambrettia Musk (Fixative)

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Bright realistic musk aroma of the musk deer. Warm, sweet, animalistic with a light floral hue. Use as a fixative and to give a sweet, rich, resinous dry-down. Adds depth and interest to any perfume.

(Also contains Tonalid and Galaxolide)

Usage: Up to 5% in Fragrance Blend (Not including Diluent like alcohol)

Note: Base

Fragrance Family Interaction with Ambrettia
Floral Enhances natural sweetness and depth, rounds off floral notes.
Oriental Provides a sensual and warm base, supports heavy spicy notes for richness and longevity.
Woody Complements earthy tones, adds warmth and depth, bridges top and woody base notes.
Fresh Anchors citrus and herbaceous notes for longer-lasting freshness, adds subtle warmth.
Fougère Adds smoothness and a clean finish, enhances wearability with a touch of sophistication.
Chypre Increases complexity, gives a velvety feel to mossy-woody notes, supports citrus elements.
Gourmand Complements sweet edible notes, adds luxurious depth and lingering effect.

Ambrettolide Natural


Ambrettolide Natural – PURE

Other Names: iso-Ambrettolide : omega-Hexadec-7-enolide : 6-Hexadecanolide Cyclohexadecan-7-olide : Hexadec-7-en-16-lactone : Moskus Lakton : Oxacycloheptadec-10-en-2-one (CAS 28645-51-4) Moskus lakton : 16-Hydroxy-delta 7-hexadecenoic acid, lactone : Cyclohexadecen-7-olide ; Lanbrettolide ; Scentolide

Odor Description: Natural-musk ambrette-seed rich and extremely tenacious floral-musky sweet odour. Helps soften alcohol odour leaving a faint floral-musky sweet and pleasant odor.

Use Level: 0.010% to 5%

Volatility: Base Note

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Iso E Super


Iso E Super is woody amber velvety slightly-vetiver earthy modern mens.

The odour and uses of Iso E Super

Odour : woody amber note velvety slightly-vetiver earthy
Perfume Uses : 
 Chypre Woody Mens types Blender Linear-monolithic (single evenly evaporating) types

Perfumery Applications

Typical usage in perfume compounds

From .250 – 20%