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Aldehyde C-10 Decanal


Aldehyde C-10 Decanal – PURE

Other Names: Capraldehyde ; Capric aldehyde ; Decaldehyde ; Decanal ; Decyl aldehyde ; Decylic aldehyde

Odor Description: Orange Peel citrusy, fatty, oily, waxy floral odor; eau de cologne, neroli, aldehydic, freesia, peony, iris, gardenia, grapefruit, bergamot

Use Level: 0.020% to 3.6%

Volatility: Middle Note

Ambergris T Oliffac


Ambergris T Oliffac – PURE

Other Names: Ambra Tincture

Odor Description: sweet dry, amber, woody, and mossy

Use Level: 0.300% to 30%

Volatility: Base Note

It does not contain any animal extract, nor is this a ‘natural’ blend