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Sampaguita (Fragrance Oil)

 114.95 2,497.97

Sampaguita, the name for Filipino / sambac jasmine, is a fragrance reminiscent of the country’s national flower.

It is a tropical shrub that blooms in the natural climate throughout the whole year. Its blossoms, unlike other types of jasmine, are smaller but with a much stronger scent. It unfolds during the evening and stays in its beauty only one day.

Since 1934, it has been a national flower in the Philippines and symbolizes hope, purity, devotion, loyalty, and strength.

Candles containing extracts are used to cleanse the homes and to expel dark spirits. It is also an example of the fact that even in such a short time, that the blossom of this flower has, anything or anyone can bring a positive impact on its surroundings.


Rose (Fragrance Oil)

 111.63 1,970.66

The aroma of fresh cut English roses with base notes of ambered musk.

  • Can be used as is or blended with other fragrances and essential oils as a middle note.
  • Try it in bar soaps, liquid soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, liquid and gel hand sanitizers, candles and more!



Lavender (Fragrance Oil)

 169.70 2,900.45

Premium French Lavender fragrance reminiscent of true lavender buds

This product is a fragrance (combination of synthetics and lavender essential oil) and not pure essential oil.

Compatible with Cold-processed soaps (Up to 3%), Pure Soy and Soy Blend candles (Up to 12%).

Green Olive

 89.11 1,636.81

Phthalate Free Fragrance 

Best used in:

  • Soaps, liquid hand wash / shower gel, hair care and other personal & skin care products
  • Home fragrances

Fragrance Development

Fragrance Development Services We create and develop unique fragrances that will bring your brand, product or space to life. You’ll work directly with our perfumer, Bernadette, who will create and adjust your brand’s fragrance to match your vision. As an experienced Perfumer & Fragrance Specialist in the Philippine fragrance industry since 2007, Bernadette can help…

BC Fragrance || Personalized Gifts & Favors

  MEMORABLE SCENTS MAKE THE MOST LASTING MEMORIES.  BC Fragrance blends timeless aromas with modern twists, exuding nostalgia and grace through intricate packaging. We resonate with those valuing refined aesthetics for exclusive events, staying relevant in the modern landscape. Discover our dedication to opulent fragrances, evoking elegance and refinement, ideal for Event & Holiday Gifting on special occasions  Click…


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