Investment: Php 4,500

PART 1: OCTOBER 4 / 25
7PM to 9PM
Live Online Class

PART 2: OCTOBER 5 / 26
1:30PM to 4PM
Scent Studio


• Learn the basic terminologies in perfumery
• Learn the different fragrance formulations
• Discover the fragrance wheel
• Learn the basics of how to start your own perfumery business


• Basic Fragrance Knowledge
• Proper Smelling
• The Fragrance Industry
• Olfactory Groups
• Making Your Own Fragrance
• Fragrance Selling
• Fragrance FAQs


• Making your own Fragrance Oil Blend, Perfume and Room Spray.

Other information you might want to know

  • Workshop will be conducted by the First Professional Filipina Perfumer and Certified Fragrance Specialist, Bernadette.
  • This is not your ordinary perfume making class. Our in-house perfumer, Bernadette, goes beyond teaching how to dilute fragrance oils to make perfumes and colognes.
  • Maximum of 20 participants for this session.
  • Fee is inclusive of handouts, materials to be used in the workshop, a take home kit and your blended fragrances. FULL PAYMENT is required to reserve a slot.
  • Take home your blended products including a manual, starter blending kit (set of 9x5ml oils), glass bottles, 1 liter of perfumer’s alcohol, moisturizer.
  • Deadline of Registration is 5 days prior to workshop date.

General Policy on Refund & Cancellations

If you pay the class fee in advance and cancel 5 or more days before class, you may transfer the full amount of your payment towards a future class.

If you cancel less than 5 days before class, you forfeit the full amount paid. Please note that we order food and prepare materials in advance.

You may send someone in your place or you can opt to receive the handouts and kit via mail (you will shoulder the shipping fee).

Can you accommodate pregnant women?

We highly discourage women who are pregnant from joining the classes, regardless of how far you are along in your term. We smell potent materials during class and may cause nausea and worse, can cause contractions.